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Rhode Island Weekly Unemployment Application

Many Americans have lost their jobs in recent months and are struggling to find new employment. As the economy remains sluggish some people are becoming discouraged about their opportunities for work. To help make ends meet many are beginning to turn to Rhode Island unemployment services for temporary assistance.

Individuals who have applied for and been found eligible to receive unemployment compensation in Rhode Island must file a weekly claim for unemployment in order to receive benefits. This Rhode Island weekly unemployment claim is most often completed online at the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training’s website. The website is designed for user accessibility and provides easy to follow instructions for each step of the weekly unemployment claims process, which typically only requires a few minutes.

Most claimants make their initial application for benefits online and will then receive a user name and password to be used on all subsequent visits for an unemployment weekly claim. Their claim officially begins on the Sunday of the week in which their claim is filed. This marks the beginning of their benefit year, a 52 week period during which the claimant may continue to claim weekly unemployment. In general, most claimants do not receive their first unemployment payment until the third week that they have claimed unemployment. Each claimant must serve a seven day waiting period after they file their first weekly claim.

Every week the claimant returns to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training website to file an unemployment weekly claim. The user signs on with their name and password and fills out any pertinent information. They must receive a confirmation number at the end of the process each week. If they do not receive a confirmation number, then their weekly claim application has not been received and consequently cannot be processed and paid. It is usually a good practice to print the confirmation page each week in case of any accident or miscommunication. Claimants may have their benefits direct deposited into their checking account or may receive an electronic payment card.

The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training may be reached at 401-462-8400 during regular business hours Monday through Friday. This can be useful should the applicant or claimant require additional information of have questions. The Department’s website, however, provides a relatively comprehensive review of pertinent information that most users find sufficient for filing their weekly claim.

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