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Rhode Island Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Despite word of recovery, many continue to experience the economic doldrums, especially workers outside of government and Wall Street. As the economy staggers forward, monthly unemployment rates continue high, with no signs of abating. In this environment, people who suddenly find themselves unemployed face significant threats. The dangers affecting them involve physical, emotional and economic needs. For these people, Rhode Island has an unemployment compensation system that helps ease the pain.

Workers in Rhode Island can file for compensation for unemployment that helps them survive while they look for work. This benefit comes in the form of a weekly check. Although unemployed workers may qualify for up to 99 weeks of benefits, the length of benefits can change without notice. The current duration of benefits depends on the state’s unemployment rate and on the status of Federal Emergency Compensation programs. The state’s Extended Benefits program also can change. Reform legislation can also result in more changes to current benefits.

Unemployed workers can contact unemployment by looking for the phone number of their nearest branch of the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training. Workers can get this information from the Department’s Web site. Workers can also file their unemployment claims online, making it easier than ever for someone who makes an unemployment claim.

When a worker claims unemployment benefits, they submit an application for processing. The Department of Labor and Training verifies the unemployed status of an applicant with their former employer. The employer has a chance to contest the benefits claim made by their former employee. If the Department decides that workers lost their job for reasons other than lack of work, an adjudication hearing determines their benefit status. Workers who quit their job or whose company terminated them could lose their eligibility for benefits. While waiting for their hearing, workers will not receive benefits, although they can continue filing their weekly claim. Workers may file an online appeal for unfavorable decisions made during adjudication.

Unemployment benefits help workers stay in their homes, drive their cars and buy food while they are out of work. Thousands of workers have exhausted their benefits and now face eviction and other survival issues. The Department of Labor and Training lists extra resources for people who have exhausted their benefits. These resources tell people where they can go to seek shelter, food and other essential services.

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