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Filing for Rhode Island Unemployment Benefits

In today's uncertain economy it is all too common to find oneself unexpectedly unemployed through no fault of your own. Rhode Island unemployment benefits are designed to help you maintain your financial security while transitioning to new employment. The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training offers an unemployment insurance program for all workers who qualify under Rhode Island law and within Federal guidelines.

Here is how to collect benefits in Rhode Island legally. First of all you must once have been employed and have earned enough money on that job over a long enough period of time to be eligible. Also, you must have become unemployed through no fault of your own. In other words, you cannot have quit your job voluntarily or been fired for just cause. Depending on where you worked or where you now live, it may be to your advantage to file for benefits in a state other than Rhode Island. To find out how to collect benefits offered in other states write to, call or check the websites of those state's unemployment programs. For complete information about what constitutes unemployment eligibility in Rhode Island you can check the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training website or call 1-866-557-0001.

Once you have been deemed eligible for unemployment benefits in Rhode Island, you must not refuse any work offers during your claim period and you must report any outside income you receive. When filing for unemployment you need to gather together certain information, such as the name of your former employer, the address, the dates you were employed, along with any documentation of your layoff or termination. Pay stubs and W2 forms are easy ways of documenting this information.

The unemployment benefits you can expect from Rhode Island will be based on how much money you earned while employed. Your check will be subject to Federal income taxes, and if you wish that tax can be withheld from your check in advance so as to avoid complications later. It generally takes about two or three weeks to get your first check and benefits can last up to 26 weeks, although during times of high unemployment those benefits can be extended longer.

A period of unemployment can be a time of financial and emotional stress, but the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training is here for you and ready to help.

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