Rhode Island

To file unemployment online in Rhode Island, visit the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training website at www.dlt.ri.gov.

In order to begin a new application, you must have the following information:

  • Social security number
  • Driver's license number or ID card number
  • Names, dates of birth and social security numbers of any dependent children
  • Alien registration number (for non-citizens only)
  • Names, phone numbers and addresses of each place of employment for the past 18 months
  • If applicable, the name and phone number of the union hall to which you are associated
  • Bank account information for those who choose to receive their payments through direct deposit (optional)

Once you have gathered the above information, you are ready to begin the application for online unemployment filing. The website and the application are easy to follow and user-friendly. Most questions pertain to your personal information (ex. social security number and personal contact info) and your work history. You may also be required to set up a personal id number to ensure that your future correspondence with the Department of Labor and Training is kept confidential.

Rhode Island Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Despite word of recovery, many continue to experience the economic doldrums, especially workers outside of government and Wall Street. As the economy staggers forward, monthly unemployment rates continue high, with no signs of abating. In this environment, people who suddenly find themselves unemployed face significant threats. The dangers affecting them involve physical, emotional and economic needs. For these people, Rhode Island has an unemployment compensation system that helps ease the pain.

File and Collect Rhode Island Unemployment

Rhode Island residents who find themselves out of a job due to a down economy need to know how to collect unemployment. Like other states, Rhode Island makes it easy for people eligible to collect unemployment. The state's Department of Labor and Training handles the unemployment filing process. The program is designed to provide temporary funds to people who are out of work through no fault of their own.

Filing for Rhode Island Unemployment Benefits

In today's uncertain economy it is all too common to find oneself unexpectedly unemployed through no fault of your own. Rhode Island unemployment benefits are designed to help you maintain your financial security while transitioning to new employment. The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training offers an unemployment insurance program for all workers who qualify under Rhode Island law and within Federal guidelines.

Rhode Island Online Unemployment

Across the nation, each state offers its own version of financial aid to people who are unemployed through no fault of their own. This money comes as a relief to the many families who are struggling to maintain a sense of financial well-being, especially in such a tough financial climate. The state of Rhode Island offers online unemployment services as well as several other resources for unemployed people.

Rhode Island Unemployment Agency Contact Information

The nation's economy continues to be stagnant, with very few jobs being created and many people struggling to find work. If you're unemployed, it can be difficult to find a job to replace the one you lost due to the amount of people looking for work with so few employers hiring. There is some relief in the form of Rhode Island unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is a way for you to receive a portion of your former income while you continue to look for employment.

Rhode Island Weekly Unemployment Application

Many Americans have lost their jobs in recent months and are struggling to find new employment. As the economy remains sluggish some people are becoming discouraged about their opportunities for work. To help make ends meet many are beginning to turn to Rhode Island unemployment services for temporary assistance.

Rhode Island Extended Unemployment

The economy continues to show very little improvement, making it difficult for those who are unemployed to find a job to replace the one that they lost. Without a steady paycheck, financial problems can arise, leading to emotional instability that can affect your entire life. Even if you're receiving unemployment benefits, you may find that those benefits will run out before you can get a new job. If you find yourself long term unemployed, and aren't sure what your options are, you need to contact the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training to find out if you qualify for long term unemployment benefits.

Apply and Receive Rhode Island Unemployment

Losing your job can be a rather frightening time especially during this weak and unsteady economy. To help bridge the financial gap between jobs, workers in Rhode Island may be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. Your first step toward determining eligibility is completing the Rhode Island application for unemployment.

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