Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits

Pennsylvania unemployment benefits are for eligible workers who temporarily need assistance. A person should contact their county to determine which unemployment office serves their area, or go online at UC.PA.GOV for information.

Eligibility Requirements
A person eligible for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania must meet the following criteria:

  • The person must have been employed for an established amount of time which is   referred to as the base period.
  • The person must be unemployed through no fault of their own, according to Pennsylvania law.
  • The person must file ongoing claims and be willing to answer questions about eligibility. All earnings from work must be reported, as well as any jobs that are offered and/or refused.
  • The person should meet all the eligibility requirements as defined by Pennsylvania law.

Filing for Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits

In order to receive an unemployment benefit, the person must gather together the names of any employers, addresses and dates of employment. This can be verified by pay stubs or W2 forms. The person should be ready to show that their lack of employment was not caused by him or her, such as being fired for non-performance or just quitting the job for no reason. Notifications of layoff, termination, or severance pay must be provided.

Going to the unemployment office prepared will lessen the time waiting for approval and receipt of benefit unemployment.

Payment Amounts

Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry calculates unemployment benefit payments according to Federal guidelines, just like any other state. Payment levels may differ from state to state, as each state applies their own payment formula.

Unemployment benefits are based on the person’s earnings in a base period. For example, in December 2008 Pennsylvania unemployment insurance benefits ranged from $35 to $547. The unemployment benefits are subject to Federal taxes, and a person can choose to have those taxes deducted from the unemployment check.

It takes approximately two to three weeks before a person will receive their Pennsylvania unemployment benefit check after filing a claim. Under normal circumstances, Pennsylvania unemployment benefits lasted from 16 to 26 weeks, but in times of high employment or other special circumstances, the collection period can be extended.

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