Oregon Weekly Unemployment Application

Oregon has more than its fair share of people who have lost their jobs due to our lousy economy. If you are one of those who have lost a job, you should immediately make an Oregon unemployment weekly claim for compensation. Making your initial weekly claim for unemployment should be your first priority. Once you are approved, you must verify unemployment weekly to keep your unemployment compensation.

Your First Oregon Weekly Claim for Unemployment

Initially, most people file their weekly unemployment claim online at http://www.oregon.gov/EMPLOY/UI/index.shtml. You will need about 30 minutes to finish the application. Before applying, you should establish an email so you can receive notices from the state unemployment weekly service.

To file your first unemployment weekly claim, you must provide definite information about your work history over the last 18 months. This includes salary, supervisor names, business addresses, and valid business phone numbers. If you were a federal employee, you may need your SF-8 or SF-50. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need your Alien Registration number.

Some may be required to make their initial Oregon weekly unemployment claim in person. To find the nearest Oregon Unemployment Insurance service center near you, go to the list at http://findit.emp.state.or.us/ocs/ui-center-lookup/index.cfm?lang=E.

Subsequent Oregon Weekly Claim for Unemployment

Once you have filed online, you should register each week to ensure that you get your full benefits. Oregon requires you to certify that you have been job-hunting and that you have not turned down a job. You will also be expected to report income such as pensions or part-time work. You will only need a few minutes to register your weekly unemployment claim. Make sure you do so you can get your unemployment weekly benefits check.

When you claim weekly unemployment benefits, expect to wait about three weeks before receiving your first check. You will get a debit card for your weekly unemployment check or you will have your weekly unemployment check deposited to your account. The length of time you receive weekly unemployment compensation and the amount you receive weekly is determined by a formula. The formula takes into account your regular salary at the time of dismissal.

If you feel you have been rejected unfairly, you can file an appeal to get your weekly unemployment benefits or to resume benefits that have been discontinued. You should always certify each week online even during an appeal.

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