Oregon Unemployment Agency Contact Information

Although the unemployment rates across Oregon are dropping, individuals and families are still struggling with the after-effects of job loss. If you are unemployed, willing to work, and able to accept a job, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Oregon department of unemployment.

The state of Oregon provides unemployment compensation at a level between $118 and $507 per week. You can access this money if you meet the eligibility criteria and file the appropriate claims. You should contact the Oregon agency for unemployment, officially named the Oregon Employment Department, as soon as possible after you lose your job. Applications can only be backdated one week, so if you wait several months before filing your first claim, you will lose access to valuable cash you could use to pay bills. Oregon also imposes a waiting week, so the first workweek after your claim is processed is unpaid.

The initial application for unemployment benefits is handled through a series of Unemployment Insurance (UI) centers across the state. The UI center may be different than the local unemployment office used for job referrals and workforce training. The appropriate Oregon office of unemployment phone number is listed below:

Bend: (541) 388-6207, ongoing claims (541) 388-4066

Eugene: (541) 686-7800, ongoing claims (800) 982-8920

Portland: (503) 451-2400, ongoing claims (503) 224-0405

Each of these local offices is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. After you have been approved for your initial unemployment application, you can make your weekly claims by calling the ongoing claims numbers listed above. The Oregon agency for unemployment also promotes the use of their online claims system for faster service. Job seekers should keep in mind that complex situations, such as if you have not worked in Oregon during the previous 18 months, you have an unemployment account in another state, or you are outside of the United States, must be handled by a claims representative at the local unemployment office.

If the information in the online system does not answer your questions, you can submit a general query through the Oregon unemployment agency email address. Because email is not a secure medium, no claims-related or applicant-specific questions should be sent via email. Instead, you should call the phone number for the unemployment agency. No confidential information will be released via email.

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