Collecting Unemployment Insurance in Oregon

Though data shows that there has been a spike in hiring lately in the local construction industry, Oregon's unemployment rate remains around 9%. The Oregon Employment Department was created to provide assistance to residents of Oregon who are jobless due to forces beyond their control. Unemployment compensation is not a substitute for employment, but is temporary financial support for Oregon workers and their families.

Your claim for unemployment is filed weekly. You can file your unemployment claim at 800-237-3710 or contact unemployment at 877-517-5627. Unemployment claims can also be submitted online at http://www.oregon.gov. If it's your first claim, go to https://ssl8.emp.state.or.us/ocs4/ic/ic-step2.cfm?ID=58186276&lang=E. If it's a weekly claims unemployment that has already been approved, go to https://ssl8.emp.state.or.us/ocs4/claim/advisory.cfm?ID=58186299&lang=E.

Those who collect unemployment in Oregon, must meet stay within the guidelines of certain criteria. They must be actively pursuing work. Active pursuit of work is defined as weekly. Activity such as job interviews and the number of resumes sent out should be recorded in the event that they're requested. Eligibility is not assessed once but continually. If, for example, you're offered, but turn down employment or put false information on your weekly claim, your unemployment benefits can be terminated. Claimants who have been determined ineligible while claiming unemployment insurance for the above or other reasons, do, however, have the right to appeal.

A PIN or personal ID number is the verification system used when you're filing by phone or on the Oregon Employment Department internet website. A CID number is issued to claimants when they first begin to collect unemployment insurance. It protects your personal information so must be kept in a safe place by claimants. If lost, CID numbers can't be given out.

There are factors that can affect the amount of money a claimant receives each week, such as child support payments and retirement benefits. If a claimant had child support payments removed from their pay while employed, those payments to the state will be still be paid via the Employment Department in concordance with family court. If a past employer for within the time period of your claim, put money into a claimant's retirement fund then a percentage of that money is taken from the claimant's weekly unemployment insurance claim.

The Oregon Employment Department offers claimants a wide variety of help in locating a job which includes referrals, postings, and skill-building workshops. It is the mission of the program to fully support the efforts of claimants to return to Oregon's workforce.

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