Applying and Receiving Oregon Unemployment

For the past few years, we have heard a lot of gloom and doom regarding the slow job recovery in this nation amid increasing fears that international fiscal woes will help trigger another global recession. With little relieve in sight, it's hard for any Oregon employee to feel confident that his/her job is secure. In a state where 9.5 % of the population is unemployed, working Oregonians will be wise to learn how to apply and receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. The State of Oregon offers its employees two ways to apply for unemployment benefits in Oregon. First, you can complete an application for unemployment insurance on-line by accessing the following link: http//www.employment.oregon.gov/EMPLOY/UI/index.shtml.

Listed among the mandatory eligibility requirements you must meet to receive unemployment insurance is being a United State citizen or providing your Alien Registration Documentation identification number to prove you have a legal right to work in this country. You are also required to provide your name, address, dob, social security number, along with the name(s) of employer, earnings, and reason for separation. Your application for unemployment benefits can be denied if it is determined that you caused the separation. There is a Benefits Estimator which will guide you in determining how much weekly benefits you may receive based on your past earnings. A word of caution, before you apply on-line, make sure you are connected to the official (UI) website for the State of Oregon, which never charges a filing fee. There are many sites charging fees to assist you with applying and receiving unemployment benefits.

The second way you can submit an unemployment application is by contacting the Oregon Unemployment Information Call Center. These are three Call Centers for the State: Metro area, Eugene and Bend. A Call Center Representative will ask you to provide and verify similar personal and employment information mentioned above. The business hours for the Call Center are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Your application for unemployment insurance may take a few weeks to process. Notification of eligibility will be mailed to you. If you are approved to receive unemployment insurance you will receive a Claims Handbook which explains how to file, your rights and responsibilities, FAQs about UI and other benefits available to you. If your UI is denied, you have the right to appeal..

Being unemployed is difficult, but applying and receiving unemployment insurance benefits should not be.

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