Filing for Oregon unemployment is easy, and can be done on the Oregon State website at www.oregon.gov/EMPLOY/UI/index.shtml, though it may be a little more difficult if you have worked outside the state.

This same website can be used to track weekly claims checks, register every week for a check, change and personal details and access your unemployment insurance history, and includes a benefit calculator to give you an estimate of how much you will receive in unemployment. Filing online is faster than using the phone, which also means less time waiting for claims checks and no waiting. To assure you have the essential information needed to complete your unemployment filing application, make sure to have the following information available when filing:

When filing your unemployment application, you will need this information:

  • Your Social Security number.
  • The name, address, and phone number of all of your employers during the last 18 months.
  • The dates you worked for each of these employers.
  • Your gross earnings from each employer.
  • Your Driver’s License number or State I.D. number.
  • Your Alien Registration number and the expiration date of your work permit, if you are not a U.S. citizen.
  • Your member 4, DD-214 if you were on active duty in the military in the last two years.
  • Your SF-50 or SF-8 form, if you were employed by the federal government in the last two years.
  • A check or deposit slip associated with your checking or savings account, if you are interested in setting up direct deposit.

Collecting Unemployment Insurance in Oregon

Though data shows that there has been a spike in hiring lately in the local construction industry, Oregon's unemployment rate remains around 9%. The Oregon Employment Department was created to provide assistance to residents of Oregon who are jobless due to forces beyond their control. Unemployment compensation is not a substitute for employment, but is temporary financial support for Oregon workers and their families.

File and Collect Oregon Unemployment

The current financial crises has, affected millions of hard-working individuals, who, through no fault of their own, lost their jobs or saw their pay cut through furloughs or reduced hours. While this is an unfortunate reality for many families across the country, there is government help available. Unemployment Insurance is available to people that need help through economic hardship to pay their bills and provide for their families.

Benefits of Filing for Oregon Unemployment

Providing for yourself and your family can be difficult or impossible if you lose your job. If you become unemployed through no fault of your own, you should file for unemployment benefits right away. (It can take up to three weeks for you to start receiving benefits.) You can file for unemployment by visiting a local employment office, via telephone, or by going online. Filing for unemployment is quickest if you file online, and you can also do it any time of day. Remember, you will need to provide information like your name, address, social security number, dependents information, and your most recent employer's information.

Online Unemployment Filing in Oregon

In a struggling economy, maintaining financial security for you and your family can be difficult when you're unemployed. Online unemployment filing need not add to these difficulties. The Oregon Employment Department's unemployment service online is easy to navigate. Online unemployment filing can not only speed up your claim, unemployment services online are more efficient. Using the unemployment services online at http://www.oregon.gov/EMPLOY/UI/index.shtml is quicker and easier than previous systems.

Oregon Unemployment Agency Contact Information

Although the unemployment rates across Oregon are dropping, individuals and families are still struggling with the after-effects of job loss. If you are unemployed, willing to work, and able to accept a job, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Oregon department of unemployment.

Oregon Extended Unemployment

If you are a resident of Oregon collecting unemployment benefits and are close to exhausting your claim, you may qualify for extended unemployment benefits.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation, also known as EUC, is an extension of unemployment benefits which Congress provides. EUC took effect in July 2008, and takes effect once you have maximized all of your initial claim benefits. There are four tiers to EUC in Oregon.

Oregon Weekly Unemployment Application

Oregon has more than its fair share of people who have lost their jobs due to our lousy economy. If you are one of those who have lost a job, you should immediately make an Oregon unemployment weekly claim for compensation. Making your initial weekly claim for unemployment should be your first priority. Once you are approved, you must verify unemployment weekly to keep your unemployment compensation.

Applying and Receiving Oregon Unemployment

For the past few years, we have heard a lot of gloom and doom regarding the slow job recovery in this nation amid increasing fears that international fiscal woes will help trigger another global recession. With little relieve in sight, it's hard for any Oregon employee to feel confident that his/her job is secure. In a state where 9.5 % of the population is unemployed, working Oregonians will be wise to learn how to apply and receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. The State of Oregon offers its employees two ways to apply for unemployment benefits in Oregon. First, you can complete an application for unemployment insurance on-line by accessing the following link: http//www.employment.oregon.gov/EMPLOY/UI/index.shtml.