Oklahoma Weekly Unemployment Application

Losing a job in Oklahoma can leave you and your family in financial and emotional turmoil. Make sure you claim weekly unemployment benefits as quickly as possible. Then, make sure you keep up by making your Oklahoma weekly unemployment claim.


To make an Oklahoma unemployment weekly claim, you must prove that you lost your job through no fault of your own. This may be because your business closed, you were laid off or your business down-sized. You will need your work record dating back 18 months, employer information, salary information and any written information regarding your job loss.

Filing A Weekly Claim for Unemployment

If you don’t file a weekly claim, you will lose benefits for that week and possibly for good. You will need to make sure you get the confirmation number at the end to make sure they have accepted your claim. The OESC allows up to 14 days for you to make your weekly claim for unemployment.

Your weekly unemployment claim

There are two ways to claim your weekly unemployment benefits. You can file by telephone or on the internet each week. Once you are approved the first time, you should get the Teleclaim user booklet, if you are going to file by phone.

To file online, you should go to www.ok.gov/oesc. To file by phone, you can call 525-1500 in the Oklahoma City area. For outside the area, you can call toll free: 1-800-555-1554.

Losing Benefits

The two reasons that people lose weekly unemployment benefits early is due to either not looking for work or refusing work when it is offered.

To ensure you don’t lose unemployment weekly benefits, make sure you keep good records on your job search and speak with the OESC in person before turning down an offer.


If you claim weekly unemployment benefits, you must make sure to report other income such as disability, pension, retirement, training allowances or retirement, pensions, disability, self-employment, education or training allowances. pension or other benefits your receive. If you fail to do so, you could be forced to pay back any overpayment of weekly unemployment benefits. You could even be charged with a crime.

Length of Benefits

There is a cap of $7,400 on the amount of money you can receive. There are, however, Tier 1 and Tier 2 extended unemployment weekly benefits. Make sure to find out about them before your benefits expire.

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