Oklahoma Unemployment Insurance Benefits

The economy has caused financial problems for almost everyone. Losing a job makes this struggle even harder. This is especially true when you are trying to take care of your family's financial and emotional needs. When you lose a job through no fault of your own, it is important that the job seeker claims unemployment right away.

Oklahoma Unemployment Claims

Oklahoma unemployment compensation is handled by the OK Employment Security Commission. Their website is http://www.ok.gov/oesc_web/#.

To make your first Oklahoma unemployment claim you can file online, file by phone, or file in person. To contact unemployment agencies outside the Oklahoma City calling area, you can call 1-800-555-1554. To contact unemployment agencies inside the Oklahoma City area, you may call 525-1500.


Once the job seeker claims unemployment, he or she has only 72 hours to complete the unemployment claim.

You will need your social security number, your contact information, and information about the last 18 months of your employment. Make sure you bring any supporting documents that young might have. Those formerly in the Armed Forces will need the DD214 Member 4 form, the SF-50 or the SF-8. Federal employees should supply the Notice of Personnel Action Form.


People can claim unemployment benefits due to lay-offs, closings or downsizing. Also, your employer must have paid into the state unemployment fund.

If you were dismissed for cause, you will probably not be eligible for benefits. However, it is important to contact the OESC. They provide help for job seekers.

Those eligible to make Oklahoma unemployment claims do not include persons who held jobs in Canada. Those who work or live in another state are also not included. Each person should register with the state where they lived and were employed. Fortunately all states allow you to make claims unemployment online.

Compensation Rates

Your actual rate of compensation is computed from your past wages. So it is in your best interest to provide all of your salary information, dating back 18 months.

Maintaining Weekly Unemployment Claims

To maintain your compensation, you must contact unemployment by phone or online each week. You will also have to prove that you are actively looking for a job. You will have to report any income such as pension or part-time work.

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