Oklahoma Extended Unemployment

This economy has caused financial problems for many people. It has been especially hard on the long term unemployed. If you see your unemployment benefits coming to an end, you will want to find out about Oklahoma long term unemployment benefits. Extended unemployment is referred to as Tier One and Tier Two benefits. Unfortunately, Tier Three has expired.

Oklahoma Extended Unemployment Eligibility

To be eligible for extended unemployment benefits, you have to have exhausted your Oklahoma unemployment benefits without finding suitable work. If you have kept up with your benefits, filing a weekly claim, you should be eligible for Tier One. Tier One becomes available once regular benefits end. This is good news for the long term unemployed.

Extended unemployment eligibility is limited to those who can prove they have been actively seeking jobs and have not turned down reasonable employment. Job seekers who have regularly filed their weekly claim will have already met this criteria.

Compensation and Long Term Unemployment Benefits

Compensation for regular Oklahoma unemployment benefits and subsequent extended unemployment benefits is based on your salary. There is a cap of $358 on the amount anyone can receive weekly. It is important to realize that those with higher benefits will exhaust their unemployment benefits sooner. For the reason, the long term unemployed should talk with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission office about the best to way to ensure extended unemployment benefits.

Assuming that you are eligible for extended unemployment benefits, you will need to file a weekly claim as you did with regular unemployment benefits.

For more information on extended unemployment eligibility, you can contact the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission via their website or phone numbers. In OK City, call 525-1500. Outside OK City, you can call 1-800-555-1554. The website is http://www.ok.gov/oesc_web.

Basic Eligibility for Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits

If this is your first time to file for Oklahoma unemployment compensation, you will need to prove that you were fired without cause. Usually you are eligible if your business closed or downsized or if you were laid off. You are ineligible if you quit, got fired for cause or are on strike.

To file your first claim, you will need your social security number, your contact information, and the contact information for your employers for the last 18 months. You will also need proof of your salary.

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