Filing Online For Unemployment in Oklahoma

When you find yourself unemployed in a continually disappointing economy it can be difficult to maintain financial and emotional security for yourself and your family. Online unemployment filing need not add to these difficulties. Oklahoma's unemployment service online is easy to navigate and can make filing your claim more convenient. Online unemployment filing can not only speed up your claim, unemployment services online are more efficient. Using Oklahoma's available unemployment services online is faster and easier than previous systems.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission website can provide you with the necessary information you will need to file your online unemployment claim, and get through this difficult and uncertain time. OESC offers access to information on a variety of useful topics including online unemployment benefits, career resources, workforce services, labor market statistics, job search workshops, and job fairs.

To file an online unemployment claim begin by going to http://www.ok.gov/oesc_web/. When filing your claim for unemployment online you will need to have some information handy. You will need to know your Social Security Number, your complete mailing address and telephone number, the names, mailing addresses and telephone numbers of all of your employers over the last 18 months, and your dates of employment for all of your employers over the last 18 months. If you worked out of state, in the military, or for the federal government during the last 18 months, you will need to provide supporting documents such as the DD214 Member 4 (for military personnel), or SF-8 and SF-50, and Notice of Personnel Action Form (for federal employees). If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to know your Alien registration number or Visa number.

Most claims can be completed for unemployment online, however, you will currently be unable to complete your claim for unemployment online if, during the last 18 months, any of the following were true. You need to file for Trade Readjustment Benefits, you need to file for Temporary Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or if your last employer was a Canadian employer. In these instances you will need to file over the telephone or in person.

Although this is a tough time to be unemployed, OESC offers a wide variety of support services to help you make efficient use of your downtime and ease the difficulties that come with being unemployed. Oklahoma's unemployment service online is designed to make online unemployment filing as accurate, and efficient as possible. If you follow these simple steps you should have no difficulty completing your claim with the unemployment service online.

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