File and Collect Oklahoma Unemployment

Persons in Oklahoma who find themselves unemployed will benefit from knowing how to collect unemployment. Unemployment insurance provides money for people who lose their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control. The state of Oklahoma makes provisions for unemployed individuals who qualify to collect unemployment. Oklahoma employers pay unemployment insurance that goes into a fund that pays for the program.

The weekly benefit is based on the highest quarter taxable wages before the worker is eligible for unemployment and does not exceed $358. Filing unemployment in Oklahoma does not automatically guarantee receipt of benefits. A person who quit a job, was fired, self-employed, did not report to work, or was not authorized to work is generally not eligible for unemployment benefits.

Filing for unemployment is made simple by the State of Oklahoma. To file unemployment claims, a resident of Oklahoma can initiate the by telephone or through the Internet. Telephone unemployment filing can be accomplished by calling 1-800-555-1554 for persons living outside of the Oklahoma City metro calling area. Persons who live in the metro calling area should contact (405)525-1500. Filing unemployment claims by telephone must be done between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. No claims can be filed on holidays. File unemployment on the Internet by visiting the website at https://unemployment.state.ok.us and following the links and instructions.

Those who live outside of the state, but need to file claims can use the 800 number of the internet. To file unemployment a social security number is required, along with contact information for the last job the filer had. An individual who has served in the military must provide a copy of the DD214 discharge document.

If a claim is denied, the applicant can file an appeal, but the appeal must be filed within the time constraints required by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. Unemployment claims can be filed by telephone on a weekly basis. Any earnings must be reported.

Once the initial application has been filed, an applicant can received benefits for 52 weeks or one year. It is possible that extended benefits would be available, but this would be subject to federal or state funding being available for additional benefits.

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