Ohio Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Getting fired or laid off is frightening and upsetting. Nobody likes to get canned, but there is a safety in place to help you weather the storm. If you live in Ohio and have been recently laid off, here’s what you need to know about unemployment claims.


  •  File sooner, not later. The longer you wait to file, the longer you will go without a check. You can file for unemployment as soon as you get home after your last day on the job.
  •  Unemployment Compensation is not the same as what you were making on the job. It is typically half of what you were making, up to a $500 weekly maximum. Also, the formula is convoluted. If you have been on the job for less than 15 months, the income from your old job could be taken into account when the benefit amount is determined.
  •  There is a two week waiting period to collect unemployment compensation. This is why it’s extremely important that you file as soon as possible.
  •  Your claim for unemployment may be challenged by the employer. They can claim that you were fired with cause, and if they prove it you will not receive any checks. Keep all paperwork, make notes of all conversations and be prepared to plead your case should your employer try to prevent you from receiving benefits.
  • Unemployment compensation is taxable by the federal government. When filing in Ohio, you can choose to have federal taxes withheld from your check.

The Steps

When you are ready to claim unemployment, it’s easiest and quickest to do so online. Log on to www.unemployment.ohio.gov and choose “Create a New Account” from the menu on the left.

You will be required to enter your personal information and choose a pin. Every time you log in, you will enter this pin so be sure to pick one that you will remember.

Each week can be filed on Sunday. The earlier you file, the sooner you will be paid during the week. There are questions to answer and every question must be answered honestly. If you lie and they discover the untruth, you could wind up having to pay back all the unemployment funds you have received.

Your unemployment claim requires that you maintain a record of the two employers you contact every week. This information should include the name, address and method of contact. At any time, the state can audit you for this information and you must have it. Apply for two jobs every week and make sure you write the information down for future reference.

Should there be any problem with your account you will want to contact unemployment offices. There are different processing centers and each one has a different phone number. Should you receive a notice that there is a problem, contact your processing center immediately for faster service, a faster response and to get the payments resumed more quickly.

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