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North Dakota Weekly Unemployment Application

As the job market continues to flounder in uncertainty, it has become more important than ever for unemployment services to be available to those who need it. Those wishing to file their weekly unemployment claim in North Dakota can now do so online at When you file your first weekly unemployment claim, you will be asked to supply relevant information such as your employment history, hourly rate or salary, as well as your reason for being unemployed.

It could take three weeks or more for you to receive your first payment, either through a state-sponsored debit card or direct deposit. Each time you file your weekly claim for unemployment, you will be required to prove your active participation in looking for work, including up to three potential employers with whom you have sought work, and you must be able and willing to work.

You can claim weekly unemployment online when you sign up at You may also be required to sign up with their job search client, as this will allow you to stay abreast of new job listings as they become available. Normally, you can draw unemployment for twenty-six weeks at most, with the amount paid in by previous employers on your behalf being averaged across this span of time. An extension can sometimes be available for up to thirteen weeks or more, depending on the circumstances of your unemployment situation.

Those drawing unemployment weekly will be expected to take a job offer from their previous employer, a position in a related field, or a job that pays as much or more than their previous position. Those who fail to do so will be asked for an explanation in writing, and may incur penalties if they lose their benefits.

Your unemployment weekly claim can be filed from the convenience of your computer or at your local unemployment office. Additionally, your questions can either be addressed to the agent at your local agency, or they can be emailed online at the state web site. Online accessibility is one of the great innovations of the labor system in North Dakota and elsewhere, allowing workers to easily manage their unemployment and disability benefits without waiting in line for hours at the unemployment office, or waiting for them to return calls.

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