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North Dakota Extended Unemployment

The U.S. economy has been struggling during the past couple of years. Businesses are downsizing or closing completely. Many workers are laid off and unable to find work. Thankfully, the United States government has unemployment agencies that assist workers who are out of work due to reasons beyond their control. The state of North Dakota makes it easy for the unemployed to apply for and receive information and services via its website.

Extended Unemployment

Due to the recent economic downfall in the U.S., Congress and the president have approved extended unemployment benefits. This means that workers receiving unemployment within a certain time frame are eligible to continue receiving for a specified length of time beyond their initial claim limit. If you are receiving regular unemployment and you are interested in learning more about extended benefits in North Dakota, visit the Job Service North Dakota website at You may also contact customer service via phone at (701) 328-2825.

In order to be eligible for extended unemployment benefits, you must meet certain criteria, many of which you might already have met since you starting collecting regular unemployment. These criteria generally include but are not limited to the following:

  • You must have been recently employed. There are certain wage requirements
  • Period of time referred to as a "base period."
  • You must be determined to be unemployed through reason(s) beyond your control by North Dakota law.
  • You must answer questions about your continued eligibility.
  • It is mandatory that you report any job offers and earnings from work during your claim period.

There are other requirements that you must meet in order to meet extended unemployment eligibility. These criteria are outlined in your unemployment handbook, which you should have received when you were deemed eligible after you filed your initial claim. Per your initial claim, you needed information regarding your previous employer's name, address and phone number. You also needed to know the beginning and ending dates of all employment for the past 18 months. You should be sure to keep all of this information handy because you may need to answer questions regarding this to be evaluated for extended unemployment benefits.

Resources for the Long Term Unemployed

In addition to filing for long term unemployment benefits, the website also provides the unemployed with additional resources and information, such as:

  • Job fair/apprenticeship information
  • Employment and training
  • Online job search
  • Veterans information

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