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North Carolina Weekly Unemployment Application

A North Carolina weekly unemployment claim is simple to file. However first you need to go through the proper channels to file paperwork to qualify for your North Carolina weekly claim for unemployment. When you are laid off or lose a job through no fault of your own, visit your local N.C. Employment Security Commission office and fill out an application for weekly unemployment. You can also initiate your unemployment weekly claim application by telephone or via the internet at

Once eligibility for a weekly claim for unemployment is established, you will have a one week waiting period and then you should start receiving your North Carolina weekly unemployment claim checks by debit card. The State of North Carolina will issue a debit card in your name and your unemployment weekly claim funds will be placed directly on the card for your convenience.

After establishing eligibility and receiving claims, North Carolina expects you to continue searching for work. To continue receiving funds you must provide proof that you are actively seeking work. If you fail to abide by these guidelines, you run the risk of not being able to file your weekly claim for unemployment. You may be required to have a hearing to determine if your unemployment weekly claims will be reinstated.

The best practice after filing your initial North Carolina weekly unemployment application is to look for work as required, file claims on time to avoid a delay in payments, and report any funds that you receive from part time work or from any other source to avoid being charged with unemployment weekly claim fraud. If you are charged with fraud, you will be required to return the funds paid through your North Carolina weekly unemployment claim.

Should you remain unemployed for an undetermined amount of time, you may be eligible for an extension and allowed to file a weekly claim for unemployment for an extended period.

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North Carolina