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North Carolina Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Losing a job in North Carolina can be an extremely distressing thing in anybody's lives. Their daily routines are abruptly changed, and not only is there a loss of income, but a person's self-esteem is often damaged, as well. People must find new work to pay their monthly bills. However, in this struggling economy, jobs are difficult to come by. Fortunately, for those people in North Carolina, who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, North Carolina Unemployment Compensation may be able to help.

Who Can File North Carolina Unemployment Claims?

Every state has their own criteria for filing an unemployment claim. However, there are basic eligibility requirements that each state follows. First of all, applicants must have lost their jobs due to a reason that was not their fault. In general, people who have quit their jobs, will not qualify for North Carolina Compensation Unemployment.

Applicants must also be physically and mentally able to hold a job. They should also be seeking employment, and they should not refuse any job offers. Applicants must have earned a set amount of money during a one-year, base period, and they must not have found a job paying the same amount or more than the job they lost.

If the applicants received any form of severance pay after losing their jobs, they may still be eligible to file a North Carolina Claim for Unemployment. They may also be able to claim unemployment in North Carolina if they are still working, but their boss cut their hours by about 1/3 of what they were making.

How to File for a North Carolina Claim for Unemployment

It is easy for people to claim unemployment benefits in North Carolina, as they simply need to go to and apply online. They should fill out their claim as soon as possible after they lose their jobs. They can also contact the North Carolina Unemployment office and apply at 1-877-841-9617. They may go to their local unemployment office to apply; however, there may be a long wait.

What Information Will Claimants Need to Apply For Benefits?

When people apply for benefits they will need to provide the agency with their Social Security number, name, contact information, date of birth, the date they lost their job, the contact information of the employer they worked for last, why they lost their job or hours, alien registration number if applicable, if they filed for a claim before, and if they are claiming dependency allowances.

How Much Will A Person's Benefits Be?

The amount of benefits that applicants may qualify for varies depending on how much they made during the base period. If they are still working, a portion of the money they make will be deducted from their benefits. Although benefits typically last about 30 weeks, they may last longer if the government allows extensions. Even if a person is unsure whether he or she will qualify for North Carolina Unemployment Compensation, they should apply as not only can it help them pay their bills until they secure another job, but the Unemployment office will also provide services to help them find jobs, as well.

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