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North Carolina Unemployment Contact Information

Unemployment numbers in North Carolina have been as high as 11.8 percent. The current unemployment number is hovering around 9.9 percent. With that many people out of work, you can be sure that the phone number to unemployment services is always busy.

Fortunately, there is more than one North Carolina phone number for unemployment compensation. A North Carolina unemployment office number can be found by entering your city or county in the locator which is at this web address: This gives you the phone number for unemployment services nearest you.

If it is an official phone number for unemployment, then it is administered by the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina which is essentially the office of unemployment. This agency for unemployment has placed an office for unemployment in each area of the state, and each one has its own phone number for unemployment services.

Unemployment Department

The ESC provides a place for workers who have lost a job to ask for help. Some workers delay, believing that the next job is waiting for them. However, the North Carolina agency for unemployment strongly recommends that a claim be filed as soon as possible. Benefits last from 13 to 26 weeks. Unfortunately, the weekly amount of benefits will not be as much as your former paycheck. Still, some income is better than none. Do not delay. Call the number for unemployment services in your area.

The Costs and Fees

There are no costs or fees associated with filing a claim. If an online service wants to charge you for this service, remember to call the North Carolina phone number for unemployment. Again, you can find your number at

ESC Office Unemployment Claims

To file an ESC office unemployment claim, make sure you have your employer contact information for the last two years. You will want to give the reason for dismissal so that the ESC unemployment office can verify it quickly. The quicker an unemployment agency can verify your employment and wages, the quicker they establish the amount and duration of the payments.

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North Carolina