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File and Collect North Carolina Unemployment

Unemployment Registration and Collection in North Carolina

This article will provide information on how to collect unemployment in the State of North Carolina, including the steps necessary in filing unemployment. In North Carolina, one may file for unemployment online or at an ESC (Employment Security Commission) office.

Filing for Unemployment in North Carolina

According to the State of North Carolina’s website, one cannot collect unemployment unless they became unemployed through “no fault of their own.” The claimant must register with the ESC, file for unemployment claims for each week of benefits they request, and have been employed for at least two of the calendar quarters of the current base period in North Carolina. A calendar quarter designates a three-month period of the year, so the government can separate the year into four intervals: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. The claimant must have worked during at least two of these periods. Additionally, an unemployment file will only be accepted if the wages earned from one’s most recent job are at least six times the weekly wage of unemployment, and if the job lasted at least 30 days. Finally, it is also required that the claimant seek reemployment while collecting unemployment wages. This means that a person must apply for work with two different employers and keep a written record for review.

To file for unemployment online in North Carolina, or to find the nearest Employment Security Commission office, begin by logging onto On this website you can find the link to the online unemployment filing page as well as an office locator. You will need to provide the names of your employers, as well as the addresses, wages, and dates of previous employment. Have your Alien Registration Number available if you are not a citizen of the United States. If you are awarded unemployment, this claim remains valid for one year.

How to Collect Unemployment in North Carolina

There are two ways to collect unemployment in North Carolina. You may choose either a Direct Deposit into your checking or savings account or a Debit Card. These payments will begin once you finish your file for unemployment.

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