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Extend North Carolina Unemployment

North Carolina unemployment eligibility can be determined by the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina. Many people have qualified in recent years due to the poor economy, and it is not uncommon to need extended unemployment benefits as well.

North Carolina Eligibility for Unemployment

To be deemed eligible for unemployment, you must have worked four of the previous five quarters. Your weekly benefit amount and the length of payments will be determined by your highest quarterly wage. The minimum duration for unemployment eligibility is 13 weeks. The longest is 26 weeks.

North Carolina Extended Unemployment Benefits

The first type of extended unemployment benefits is simply a resumption of benefits. If you lose a second job within a calendar year and you have unemployment benefits that you didn't receive the first time, then you just notify the department and you will receive the rest of your benefits.

If your minimum period of benefits expires before you find a job, there are other ways to get extended unemployment benefits. To see if you qualify, you may want to call 1-866-795-8877. This is the number for the Employment Security Commission's extended benefits services.

Qualifications for Benefits

Extended benefits are granted if the recipient has been applying for jobs as required by the unemployment eligibility regulations. This means that you have registered weekly with the ESC and have proven that you have made contact with two prospective employers per week and have not turned down viable work options.

If you file a North Carolina extended benefits claim, you can continue to receive benefits.

Federal Extended Benefits

The North Carolina unemployment services can help the unemployed to qualify for up to 53 weeks of federal extended benefits if they exhaust their other unemployment benefits by the end of December 2011. Again, to be in good standing, the unemployed must be able to document each week that they have actively looked for work at least two days.

Extended benefits and unemployment benefits will give you some financial help while you look for work.

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