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Apply and Receive North Carolina Unemployment

If you are a North Carolina resident and need to apply for unemployment, visit the Employment Security Commission office in your county, contact the agency by telephone at 1-877-841-9617. to initiate your unemployment application. Applications can be initiated in person, by, telephone or online. Access contact information online by doing a web search for N.C. Employment Security Commission at: When it is confirmed that your status is unemployment apply soon. Apply for unemployment immediately to have some resources left from your job to tide you over until the waiting period week is met.

Complete your North Carolina application for unemployment at the local ESC office. To receive North Carolina unemployment you must have lost your job through no fault of your own. In some cases you might be able to receive unemployment in North Carolina if you were fired from your job, or left for other circumstances. You must have worked long enough to qualify to receive unemployment. This usually means that you have worked for the first four of the last five calendar quarters, before becoming unemployed. These are known as base quarters and you must have received wages for two of the last four quarters to qualify for North Carolina unemployment benefits.

Once your North Carolina unemployment application is approved, and you start receiving benefits, you must actively seek work. In some cases you might receive unemployment due to a temporary lay-off, in which you expect to return to work. When this is the case, you are not required to seek work. To continue to receive unemployment benefits you will be able to call the Employment Security Commission or enter information online to file a claim. You must update the agency concerning your job seeking activities. Failing to look for work will affect your eligibility for continued benefits. If you earn any money while you receive unemployment benefits, your benefits will be reduced. It is important that you report any additional money earned to prevent losing benefits, or worse being prosecuted for fraud because of knowingly receiving unemployment benefits while earning money from some other source.

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North Carolina