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Unemployment Benefits Online in New York

If you've just been downsized, right-sized, pink-slipped, laid off, or let go in New York, the good news is that in most circumstances, you can receive unemployment compensation until you find a new job. The better news is that New York has online unemployment services to make it easy to file and to find answers to your questions.

New York's online unemployment services allow you to file a claim, claim weekly benefits, and find important contact information. It offers updated information about unemployment, so if you are wondering whether or not that extension you'd heard about was ever approved, their site is a trustworthy way to find out. With links to state jobs, New York unemployment online may even be able to help you find a new job.

New York's unemployment services should be your first stop after getting the initial bad news. It's crucial to file your claim quickly, since there is a waiting period to begin receiving benefits. Visit to begin the filing process. You will need your social-security number, and contact information for all of your employers for the past 18 months. If you wish to receive your benefits through direct deposit, you should have your bank's routing number and your account number handy, as well.

The filing process does not take long. You will most likely receive a communication from the Department of Labor asking you to attend a session on job hunting at a local Department of Labor office. You will watch a short video, and meet with a counselor who will attempt to assist you in your job hunt.

After that, you can claim your weekly unemployment online. You will simply log in to the website, and affirm that you have not worked in the past week, but have been attempting to find a job. Since the state can ask you for proof that you're looking at any time, it's wise to keep a log of every job you apply for. New York's online unemployment services allow you to focus more on your job search and less on managing your benefits.

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