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New York State Unemployment Week by Week

So you've made it past the initial shock of your job loss. You've cried, you've drank, you've sworn, you've celebrated your freedom by sitting in the park during the middle of the day on a Tuesday. What now?

In New York State, you'll file a weekly claim for unemployment until you find a new position. New York State has made it hassle-free, allowing you to both claim weekly unemployment online, and receive your unemployment weekly through direct deposit. You can set up the direct deposit when you make your initial claim, at If you already have a bank account, you'll need a check with the routing number and your account number. If not, your benefits will be deposited onto a debit card that New York State will give you, that links to an account administered by a private-sector contractor. This card works like any other debit card and is accepted everywhere that allows you to pay by card.

Making your weekly unemployment claim takes only a few minutes. Visit to fill-out the questionaire. They will ask you whether or not you've worked during the past week, whether or not you have been on paid leave from a job, and whether or not you've been looking for work. Lying on this questionaire is considered fraud, and labor officials can ask you to prove you've been looking, so it's advisable to document your job search. After you fill out the questionaire, your unemployment weekly claim will deposit into your account, so you can pay your expenses while you continue to job hunt. Although it's in your best interest to budget closely, your spending is not monitored. Your weekly unemployment funds are yours to spend how you choose, just as your salary was.

The weekly unemployment model used by New York State mirrors how many people are normally paid, and makes it easy to continue managing your budget. With the streamlined online process and direct deposit, it frees you up to focus on your true priority: finding a new job and moving on with your life.


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New York