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Filing and Collecting Unemployment in New York

It's no secret that the economy is tough, especially in New York. With corporate profits down and the public sector hurting, people are filing for unemployment in New York who never dreamed they'd need it.

If you lose your job for any reason, or if you are quitting your job to follow your spouse, it's crucial that you file for unemployment right away. New York has a one-week unpaid waiting period before you can collect unemployment, and the longer you wait, the longer the delay in your benefits.

To file unemployment, visit There is a link on their website that permits you to do your unemployment filing online. The process is very simple, and won't demand more information from you than you already have. Your unemployment file will require your contact information and social security number, and contact information for your employers from the past 18 months. If you will collect unemployment through direct deposit, you will also need your account number and bank's routing number.

After you complete New York unemployment filing, you may be asked to go to the Department of Labor office to view a short video about job hunting and meet with a counselor. The Department of Labor office also has computers with internet access, courses on career-related issues, and information about job postings in your area. It's good to go in with an open mind and put your best foot forward for that reason.

The same website you used to file unemployment has an explanation of how to collect unemployment. You will need to visit this site weekly to collect unemployment, and complete a questionaire affirming that you did not work during the past week, that you were not on paid leave from a job, and that you had looked for work during the past week. Filling for unemployment doesn't mean that you have to take a job that's outside of your field, but it does mean that someone from the Department of Labor can ask for proof you've been looking. Collecting unemployment offers you a valuable cushion until you're back on your feet.

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