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Claiming Unemployment in New York

So, you've just gotten the bad news. Maybe you saw the layoff coming, or maybe it was a surprise termination. Maybe you're hurt and angry, or maybe you're relieved and looking forward to a new beginning. Whatever the circumstances behind your job loss, it's most likely you'll soon be filing for unemployment compensation.

If you got fired, if your position was eliminated, or if you quit your job to follow a spouse, you can file an unemployment claim. Occasionally, a company will try to force you to resign. This is not in your best interest, as they can use this against you when you file your claim for unemployment. Examine anything you're asked to sign, and don't agree to write a resignation letter.

In New York State, there is a mandatory unpaid one-week waiting period, so it's important to claim unemployment as soon as possible. You can file a claim for unemployment on the New York State Department of Labor's website, found at The process doesn't require any more information than what you already have: your social security number, contact information for yourself and your last employer, and (if you choose) direct deposit information. New York State unemployment claims process quickly.

After that, the process is simple. The New York State Department of Labor will ask you to attend an information session, where you'll watch a video on job hunting and meet with one of their counselors. After that, you will have to contact Unemployment every week to claim your benefits. This can be done on the same website you initially filed your claim. To receive New York State compensation unemployment, you will have to answer a short questionaire, affirming that you have not worked nor are you on paid leave, but that you have been seeking a job.

New York unemployment compensation requires you to look actively for a job, and the folks who investigate unemployment claims can require proof that you've been looking, so keep a log of any jobs you apply to, agencies you register with, interviews you schedule, and even networking seminars you attend.

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