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Applying For New York State Unemployment

Losing your job can be devastating, however, thanks to services like unemployment, overcoming such as event can be made much more manageable. When you find yourself unemployed, for reasons that are no fault of your own, you should apply for unemployment through New York State as it could serve as a guiding light during this dark time. If you have earned wages in at least two quarters of the past year (it doesn't have to be the whole quarter), and have earned at least $1,600 in one of those quarters, you will likely qualify to receive unemployment.

To begin an unemployment application you can visit N.Y.S Unemployment online at, or you can file a claim using their telephone system by calling (888) 209-8124. Many who file for unemployment apply online, as it can be easier than the automated phone system. Make sure you have all your information handy so you can answer the required questions. You will need your social security number, drivers license or state ID, your street address, phone number, alien registration (if your not a U.S. citizen), The names and addresses of all employers whom you've worked for in the last eighteen months (regardless of the state), the federal employer identification number or employer registration number of your last employer (you can call them or look on your last W2), copies of your SF8 or SF50 (if you work for the federal government), and your DD214 if you are just being released from military service.

During the process, you will set up a pin number that you will use to check on the status of your claim or to file for weekly benefits online or via telephone. Your application for unemployment should be processed, and approved or denied, with a few weeks. However, you are to continue entering a claim each week regardless of the fact that there hasn't yet been a determination. Once approved you should receive unemployment benefits within a week or two, which will include all the weeks you have claimed up till that point, minus the one unpaid waiting week.

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