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New Mexico Unemployment Insurance Benefits

While many Americans await the outcome of the President’s latest job plan, many more are still waiting for jobs. With the current economic conditions not being favorable to an increase in available jobs, more and more Americans are being forced to rely on unemployment compensation.

If you need to file for compensation for employment in New Mexico, there are several different ways to begin your unemployment claim. A claim for unemployment in New Mexico can be filed with the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions either online via their web site, or by visiting a local office. If you have specific questions about your eligibility for a claim or about unemployment claims in general, you can contact unemployment specialists at the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.

Generally, in order to file a claim for unemployment, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own. If you have voluntarily left a job, you are usually not eligible for unemployment compensation in New Mexico. However, there are situations in which this may not apply due to special circumstances such as a dangerous or hostile work environment. For specific eligibility information, you will need to consult with a counselor at the Department of Workforce Solutions.

The state of New Mexico provides compensation for unemployment ranging from a minimum of $72 to a maximum of $386 per week depending upon your previous earning history. Once your claim has been approved, you will receive a notification of monetary determination which details how much unemployment compensation you are eligible to receive.

If you are found eligible to receive New Mexico unemployment compensation, you will need to file a weekly claim either online or via the automated voice response system, with the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions in order to receive your benefit. In your weekly certification, you will need to provide information on the job search contacts you made for the previous week as well as any earnings you may have received. You are required to make a minimum of two different job search contacts each week. f you do not meet the job search requirements for a particular week, you will not be eligible to receive unemployment compensation for that week. Unemployment insurance claimants are also required to register for work on the New Mexico Workforce Connection website.

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