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New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Benefits

More and more people are becoming unemployed due to unfortunate yet common circumstances such as bankruptcy or reduction in workforces. Filing a claim for unemployment insurance can greatly help you financial situation during this time. Unemployment insurance is a benefit accumulated while employed, paid back to you during periods of unemployment. To claim unemployment insurance in New Jersey, you need various personal information from your work history.

Filing an unemployment claim in New Jersey is a simple process when you have all of your information. Because of the high volume of unemployment claims, the New Jersey Department of Labor has set up a website where you can file new claims, and recommends this method. Alternatively, you can call the office or fax in your information.

Either way, you will need your social security number, contact information for your previous employers in the past 18 months, along with the dates you worked for them and the reason for termination when filing your claim for unemployment. If you want your unemployment compensation deposited directly to your bank account, you will also need your account number and bank routing number.

When filing an unemployment claim in New Jersey, you should remember that while it is not necessary, having a state-issued identification card of driver's license will greatly help to speed up the application process. As compensation unemployment, you will receive either paper checks or a direct deposit once a week. You will need to contact unemployment agency to let them know if you earned any money in a particular week, as they may need to adjust your claim amount.

When filing for unemployment compensation in New Jersey, you must remember that if you were terminated for legitimate reasons, your request will be declined. Legitimate reasons include, but are not limited to, theft, negligence, harassment, and missing too much time.

To claim unemployment insurance in New Jersey, you can visit To file by telephone, you can call (201) 601-4100 for northeast New Jersey, (732) 761-2020 for northwest and central New Jersey, and (856) 507-2340 for south New Jersey. The unemployment office can be reached at (609) 292-7162, or faxed at (609) 633-2884.

New Jersey unemployment claims generally take up to two weeks to process, so the faster you file, the quicker you will receive your compensation unemployment. If after this period, you still have not received your benefits, you should contact unemployment offices.

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