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File and Collect New Jersey Unemployment

Not too long ago, the only way you could file for unemployment in New Jersey was to visit a local Unemployment Office and wait for hours until an Unemployment Claims Representative interviewed you. Technology has eliminated the need for seats quickly filling for unemployment application process to begin. The New Jersey Department of Labor, NJDOL, has addressed one of its biggest service delivery challenges by, offering on-line filing for unemployment insurance.

This secure, website,, designed for newly displaced workers to file unemployment claims, can speed up the processing of their applications. Whether you are filing unemployment application for the first time or reopening an existing unemployment file you must meet all the eligibility requirements for benefits. The full list of requirements to file for unemployment and collect unemployment benefits are on NJDOL's website.

When filing for unemployment use NJDOL's website. According to the NJDOl, applicants who want to file unemployment on-line or who seek assistance on how to collect unemployment insurance benefits should avoid websites that charge a fee. The New Jersey Department of Labor never charges a fee for anyone filing unemployment insurance or seeking information on how to collect unemployment.

The second option available to claimants filing for unemployment insurance is to contact the NJ Reemployment Call Center for their town/city. A Call Center Representative will assist you with creating an unemployment file and tell you what you need to collect unemployment insurance. Note, your unemployment filing status for your claim may be delayed or denied if it is determined your conduct or job performance contributed to your separation.

You will receive notices in the mail from the NJDOL advising of the status of your unemployment filing. You may be advised to report for an interview or the claim may be denied. You can appeal a denied claim. A letter of approval will include instructions on how to collect unemployment insurance benefits.

Sure, Unemployment Offices still have waiting rooms with chairs filling for unemployment assistance, but now the claimants are there because of scheduled interviews, job training, or job search programs rather than the initial application process.

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