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Applying for New Jersey Unemployment Benefits

The New Jersey unemployment rate for July 2011 was 9.5%, higher than the national average. With the high unemployment rates, it is very important for you to know how to apply for your New Jersey unemployment insurance benefit quickly if you were ever laid off.

New Jersey unemployment benefits can be applied for either by telephone or online. Online applications for benefit unemployment are faster than applying by telephone. For those who most recently worked for the Federal Government or a branch of the military, an application for your New Jersey unemployment benefit must not be submitted online. Only a telephone application for unemployment benefits may be accepted in these cases.

Applying for New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Benefit

In order to apply online for unemployment benefits in New Jersey, certain qualifications must be met. During the last 18 months, All of your work must have been in the state of New Jersey, and you must not have worked for the military, federal government, or been maritime employee. You also must currently reside inside of the United States. If you do not qualify to apply online, you may apply by telephone.

Steps to Apply for your New Jersey Benefit Unemployment:

1. Gather your pencil and paper, social security number, alien registry documents when applicable, bank information for direct deposit, all employer information for the last 18 months, and a New Jersey photo ID or Driver's License.

2. Go to the website, , click on the "File and Unemployment Claim" button, and follow all directions carefully and thoroughly.

3. If you do not qualify for online application for your unemployment benefit, or you run into any trouble while applying, call the Reemployment Call Center nearest you.

For the Union City area in Northeast New Jersey, call (201) 601-4100.

In Northwest and Central New Jersey near Freehold, call (732) 761-2020.

If located in South Jersey near Cumberland, go ahead and call (856) 507-2340.

If located out-of-state, please call (888) 795-6672.

With the ability to quickly apply for unemployment benefits online or by telephone, getting laid-off does not need to be a financial and emotional disaster. You can get the money you need quickly while looking for new employment. Reemployment resources and more information on New Jersey Unemployment can also be found at:

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