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Applying and Receiving New Jersey Unemployment Benefits

In today’s uncertain economy, every person legally employed in New Jersey needs to know how to apply for unemployment benefits. The New Jersey Department of Labor, NJDOL, offers two ways to submit an application for unemployment. First, you may apply for unemployment through the NJDOL’s secure, on-line website, Second, the New Jersey Department of Labor created a Reemployment Call Center to assist applicants over the telephone with filing an unemployment application. A list of Reemployment Call Center telephone numbers can be found at: http://lwd.dol.state.njus/labor/ui/fileui/appphone.html/.

Whether you enter your information on-line or speak to a Call Center Representative, you must meet the mandatory eligibility earnings requirements to receive unemployment benefits. According to the latest NJDOL guidelines for unemployment calculation and determination, a claimant must have worked 20 base weeks in a 52 weeks base period and earned at least $145 each week or $7300 in that period. To learn how these guidelines for unemployment apply to your claim, go to

Also, these five requirements for unemployment apply to all claimants employment record the past 18 months:

  • Claimant worked in the United States
  • Claimant did not work for the federal government
  • Claimant did not work for the military
  • Claimant had no maritime employment
  • Claimant did not work outside of the United States

When filing your unemployment application, you will be expected to provide personal and employment information including, proof of citizenship, employer’s name, address, your position, periods employed, earnings, pension entitlements, reason for separation. If you elect, you can enroll in the direct deposit program.

Once your application for unemployment benefits is processed, letters concerning your eligibility will be sent to you. You may receive letter(s) requesting additional information to support your claim for unemployment benefits or advising an interview is needed to determine eligibility. If your unemployment application is denied, you may appeal this decision. If your application for unemployment is approved, instructions will be provided on how to file claims to receive unemployment benefits.

Additional information on unemployment benefits is available by obtaining the booklet, Unemployment Insurance: Your Rights and Responsibilities.


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