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New Hampshire Weekly Unemployment Application

Unemployment insurance in New Hampshire exists for those who have been hard hit by a weak economy, losing their jobs and financial security simultaneously through no fault of their own. Individuals in New Hampshire who need to file their weekly claim for unemployment can do so at New Hampshire's Department of Employment Security web site: Your first weekly unemployment claim can take up to three weeks to process, as your local unemployment office will need to verify your information before processing your claim. If you have been laid off due to recent cutbacks or any other reason, or if you can prove that you were wrongfully terminated, you should have no trouble receiving unemployment compensation in the state of New Hampshire.

When you claim weekly unemployment, you will be required to provide up to three potential employers with whom you have sought work, proving your availability and willingness to find work. You may be required to accept any job offers that have a salary equal to or greater than the job you were laid off or terminated from, or you may be asked to accept a job that is in a field or job position with which you have related work experience. However, any job offers that pay less than the amount you receive weekly from unemployment compensation should be declined.

Those who file unemployment weekly can and should check with their local workforce agency or unemployment office for relevant job offers, and they may also be entitled to receive job rehabilitation training if they have become unemployed due to a layoff or downsizing. You will be able to file for weekly unemployment a maximum of twenty-six weeks, after which you may be eligible for an extension. Extensions for the chronically unemployed run for thirteen weeks, and rarely, for an additional thirteen weeks, depending on circumstances.

 What most people would be most interested to know is whether or not the additional resources and funding needed for New Hampshire unemployment insurance will be there when it's their turn to lose their jobs. The answer to this question, though not simple, is that it is expected to be there for those who need it, for the foreseeable future. For those still unemployed, many job search options are available to assist you in finding new employment, while letting you continue to file your unemployment weekly claim in the meantime.

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