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File for New Hampshire Unemployment Benefits

These are challenging economic times for many New Hampshire residents, but the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security is ready to help you make the transition to new employment with a minimum amount of financial and emotional stress. New Hampshire offers unemployment benefits to any worker who meets the eligibility requirements set by new Hampshire law and within Federal guidelines.

Depending upon where you worked or now live, before filing for unemployment benefits in New Hampshire you may want to check other states and their unemployment programs and whether they would be more convenient or generous. To check out how to collect benefits and the eligibility requirements of other states call their unemployment offices or check their websites. In New Hampshire the most basic unemployment eligibility requirements are that you must have been employed and also have worked long enough and earned enough money to be eligible. You must not have quit your job voluntarily or been fired for just cause as defined under New Hampshire law. Finally, you must answer all questions about your eligibility, report all outside income and not turn down any legitimate job offer. To answer any further questions about unemployment eligibility requirements visit the Unemployment Insurance section of the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security website or call the New Hampshire Department of Labor at 1-800-266-2252

In filing for unemployment benefits it is usually best to file your documentation online rather than at the unemployment office. New Hampshire also enables you to file over the phone. But before filing you will need to have certain information on hand. For example you will need to have the full name of your employer plus their address and the dates you were employed. Pay stubs and W2 forms may also be helpful. Also keep any written documentation of your layoff or termination.

Benefits you can expect from New Hampshire will be based upon how much money you made while working. Your check will be subject to Federal taxation so you may want to have the tax withheld from your unemployment check to avoid problems later. The normal duration of benefits is 26 weeks, but it can be extended past that under special circumstances or when unemployment is high.

The New Hampshire Department of Employment Security is ready to help you navigate through this challenging period of unemployment and to aid you in achieving your future career goals.

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