File and Collect Nevada Unemployment

According to the latest Department of Labor unemployment report, Nevada, holds the unpopular distinction of ranking number one (1) with the highest unemployment in the nation.. Current reports show 12.9% of Nevada’s population unemployed. This State leads the nation in unemployed workers, along with home foreclosures, failed businesses and consistently shrinking casino revenue. This grim economic news would make anyone working in this once booming desert State, wonder when their luck will dry.

Based on recent economic reports and employment trends projection, the number of unemployment filing in the Nevada will continue to increase because of the weak economy. While there is no way to remove the stress from Nevada workers, concerned employees can prepare themselves by knowing how to file unemployment and collect benefits..

The Nevada Department of Employment and Training Rehabilitation, DETR, provides two ways for Nevada workers to file for unemployment. You can submit an application on-line or by contacting one of the two Call Centers in Nevada. Individuals filing for unemployment must meet certain employment eligibility requirement, including you cannot be self-employed, a student receiving financial assistance, an inmate, or discharged from employment because of criminal activities. In addition, you must prove United States citizenship or show you are legally employed in this country.

Your benefits can be denied if it is determined you caused the termination. Anyone denied the right to collect unemployment can appeal the decision. It should take about 20 minutes to file for unemployment using the on-line application. In order for your unemployment file to be accepted you must answer all the questions.

If you prefer not to create an unemployment file on line, you can submit your claim by contacting the appropriate Nevada Claims Call Center for your part of the State. If you reside in Northern Nevada 1-775-684-0350 living in the Southern area should call, 1-702-486-0356. A Call Center Representative will assist you with filing unemployment claim. After you file unemployment, you will be notified, shortly thereafter, if your application was approved.

Anyone denied the right to receive unemployment can appeal the decision. Claimants who are approved are also eligible to participate in job training programs including resume writing. To maintain benefits you must able to work. Also, you must actively seek employment and accept when offered.. With a little time and patience, you will learn how to collect unemployment insurance.

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