Nebraska's DOL Website Simplifies the UI Process

Perpetuating self-reliance can prove to be difficult when adverse situations arise. The Nebraska Department of Labor has developed a convenient online weekly claim for unemployment insurance for those that become unemployed. The application is accessible at The site is well structured with bold headers that simplify a wage earner’s search for a topic of interest.

The Department of Labor’s website allows wage earners the opportunity to file an unemployment weekly claim or search for available jobs. To claim weekly unemployment, an applicant must first register on the site and create a PIN number. The registration process requires an applicant to provide a Social Security number, full name, date of birth, city of birth and mother's maiden name. The applicant will be ready to proceed after completing the registration process.

The state has placed some conditions on wage earners before they can submit a weekly unemployment claim. The wage earner must have earned income in the state of Nebraska while working for an employer that pays state unemployment taxes. Loss of employment cannot be attributable to a fault of the wage earner. Applicants must be physically and mentally capable of working and be available for work at any time. The applicant must also be actively engaged in the search for employment. A person that does not meet those requirements will not be eligible to apply for unemployment insurance.

The Department of Labor will conduct a fact finding interview after the application is received. A wage earner can prepare for this interview by compiling the following information. The applicant will need to know the reason for the separation from his last job and the dates of any events that led to the separation. A calendar, pen and paper should be available during the interview. The names of any witnesses in addition to the names of any supervisors familiar with the cause for separation must be available for use during the discussion. Copies of any written documents such as medical information or warnings received should be handy. Copies of checks stubs showing wages earned, vacation pay, severance, holiday pay and any bonuses received will be needed to answer questions asked by the state official. The applicant will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding weekly unemployment insurance during this session.

Continuing to receive unemployment weekly well necessitate the filing of a request for unemployment insurance on a weekly basis. All of these tasks, with the exception of the interview, can be performed online. The Nebraska department of labor has an excellent site and should be utilized by wage earners to obtain answers regarding unemployment insurance.

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