How To File and Collect Nebraska Unemployment

If you lose your job, thinking about how you are going to take care of yourself and your family may become overwhelming. You should file for unemployment as soon as possible to begin the process that could pay you weekly unemployment benefits. If you are found to be eligible for benefits, you must first wait through one unpaid waiting week, so plan accordingly with your financial obligations. Filing for unemployment has become easier with the internet, as you can file your initial claim by going to the  Nebraska Workforce Development website. You also have the option of filing over the phone. Claims specialists can help you with your claim Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. if you chose to file over the phone.

Before you can file unemployment, you have to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements to collect benefits in the state of Nebraska. Generally, if you quit or were fired from your job, you are not eligible. If you lost your job through no fault of your own (an example would be if you were laid off), then it is likely that you will be eligible to collect unemployment benefits. When filing unemployment, you are expected to sign up with a workforce center that will help you find new employment opportunities.

During the process of unemployment filing, you will need to provide personal documentation about yourself and information about the employers you worked for during the last 18 months. While waiting for a determination, you will still have to file weekly claims (either online or over the phone) where you will have to answer questions such as whether or not you looked for work in the previous week, or if you turned down any opportunities for work.

Once you are approved to receive benefits, how to collect unemployment is easy. You can get paid via a debit card that is issued to you, or you can have your weekly benefit directly deposited into your bank account. If you are denied benefits, you have the option to file an appeal. You will next have to go to an appeal hearing, where your information will be re-evaluated. This is a good time to try to find any additional information supporting your claim that you lost your job through no fault of your own. The final decision is based on Nebraska law and the information you provide.

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