Benefits of Filing for Nebraska Unemployment

Times are tough in this economy. This is made even worse if you have lost your job through no fault of your own, or have been laid off. If you have been actively seeking full-time work, you may qualify for unemployment insurance. Although you may have been seeking new employment, have a couple of months emergency funds available, you simply do not know how long you might be out of employment till your next job. The benefits could be many to apply immediately for unemployment benefits.

If living in Nebraska, there are benefits of filing for Nebraska unemployment. These benefits could last up to 26 weeks till new employment is found. Unemployment insurance is a temporary replacement of wage benefits to those who qualify to receive them. To find out if you qualify, you may visit the links and follow the directions.

You need to have worked for an employer who paid unemployment insurance taxes to qualify. To file for unemployment benefits in Nebraska on the Internet, you may go to Apply for any benefits immediately after you lose your job, or if your hours have been cut by your employer. You need to have earned a minimum of $3770 from all employment during the regular alternate base period for qualification.

You will need to have your social security number, name and mailing address, phone number and driver’s license or I.D. card. If you have been in the military the last 18 months, you need Form DD 214 Member #4 with you also. You will give the information of your employers over the past 18 months. You need to be actively seeking new full time employment. You must also file a weekly claim once qualified to receive weekly benefits.

You may file claims by telephone at Benefits of unemployment can be many when you have lost a job. For many Nebraska residents, a job is the sole source of income. It can be very necessary if you want to provide for a family or for yourself.

There are other benefits as well as receiving unemployment insurance. You can get access to job search banks for seeking new employment. There can be some free career counseling and coaching available. Career courses for a fee are available and free resume help. All of these benefits work together to get you through a temporary crisis and back into the job market.

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