Missouri Weekly Unemployment Application

Making an unemployment weekly claim in Missouri is a basic requirement to maintain unemployment benefits. Missouri requires those eligible for unemployment weekly benefits to check in regularly or risk losing benefits.

Claim Weekly Unemployment

Unemployment in Missouri is administered by the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Claims can be filed at www.moclaim.mo.gov. Once an initial claim has been filed, it is important to make a weekly unemployment claim. Each weekly claim for unemployment must be made to verify that the claimant is a) still unemployed and b) actively searching for work. The weekly claim for unemployment must be made whether the benefits are pending or have been approved. If a claimant does not make file for weekly unemployment benefits, the benefits will be suspended and perhaps ended.

Unemployment Weekly Claim Eligibility

To file for Missouri benefits, you will have to meet eligibility requirements. Basic eligibility is limited to those who lost their job due to business closing, downsizing or lay off. It is further limited to private businesses which pay into the unemployment system.

Military spouses who lost a job due to a military relocation may also be eligible.

Those who live in a Missouri county designated as a federal disaster area should contact the Department of Labor to learn if they are eligible for special weekly unemployment benefits. These benefits have deadlines for applications. Displaced workers from these counties should apply quickly to ensure benefits.

Other Missouri citizens who may be eligible for unemployment benefits include former federal workers and former military, but these benefits may require a different application process. Do not file a Missouri application until you have consulted www.moclaim.mo.gov.

Claim Weekly Unemployment Benefits

To fill out an application, you will need contact information for your most recent employer and any other employers from the last 18 months to two years. Claimants should provide as much information as possible to expedite their approval. Needed information includes dates, address, phone numbers, boss or manager names, and salaries. If you have an official letter that explains your dismissal, it is helpful to include this. Unemployment weekly benefits will be a percentage of your previous salary.

Phone Numbers and Local Offices

For help with your weekly unemployment claim, the toll free number is 1-800-320-2519. The four regional offices include St. Louis (314) 340-4950; Springfield (417) 895-6851; Kansas City (816) 889-3101; and, Jefferson City (573-751-9040).

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