Missouri Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If you live in the state of Missouri and are out of work due to forces out of your control, you may be able to open a an unemployment claim. Whether you are eligible to file a claim for unemployment or not will be based on a few qualifying factors. First, you must have made a minimum of $2,250, no less than $1,500 during one quarter of the year and $750 or more during the rest of the year. This income must have been received from an employer who is insured by the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. However, your ability to effectively file an unemployment claim will also be based on base period guidelines. An explanation and diagram that shows how base periods are defined can be found at http://www.labor.mo.gov/DES/Claims/faqs_web.asp.

Unemployment compensation is a support system for workers in Missouri who qualify. The process is not complex and those who need to open a claim for unemployment should not be overwhelmed by the initial unemployment claims information that is required. Contact unemployment at 800-320-2519. The number is toll free and set up to provide answers to general questions about compensation unemployment. If your unemployment claims questions are not answered by the automated responses, you are also given the option to speak to a live customer service agent.

Unemployment compensation is issued weekly to those who are deemed eligible. In Missouri, the maximum benefit that an unemployed worker can currently receive is $320. The amount that is issued to a claimant is based on their total base period wages. Information on claims unemployment benefit amounts is on the Missouri Labor Department website, but is also available at the above toll free number.

Unemployment claims are part of a larger support system provided by the state of Missouri that includes claims unemployment benefits but is not restricted to it. There are a number of other services that those seeking assistance during the transition from being unemployed to employed, are offered. Workshops that give unemployed workers help on how to build their resumes, are also extremely valuable. It's not necessary to contact unemployment to get information on the support workshops and services provided to the unemployed in Missouri. The links to an array of social organizations and programs can be found at the Missouri Department of Labor website. Just go to the page that lists public programs for unemployed Missourians. These programs as well as compensation unemployment, will be part of an unemployed worker's efforts to become employed and independent again.

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