Missouri Extended Unemployment Eligibility

Are you eligible for extended unemployment in Missouri? Benefits in Missouri extend over a period of twenty weeks. If the claimant has not found a job within that time, they may have their benefits extended. The process is as follows.

1. Eligibility for Unemployment

If you lose a job through no fault of your own, and the business paid into the unemployment fund, you are eligible for benefits. You will need to file an application to get regular benefits.

2. Filing is Easy

It is easy to file for unemployment. You can call toll free or visit one of four regional offices or go online to https://www.ui.labor.mo.gov. To prove your eligibility for unemployment, you will need to provide information about your recent jobs including address, phone numbers, salary and so forth.

To file in person you can find regional centers in these cities: Jefferson City 573-751-9040; Kansas City 816-889-3101; St. Louis 314-340-4950; Springfield 417-895-6851. The toll free number is 800-320-2519 for those outside the four major regional cities.

3. Weekly Unemployment Benefits

Once you apply for weekly benefits, you will be required to check in every week. You will have to verify that you are looking for work.

4. Call the Regional Claims Center nearest you for Extended Weekly Unemployment Eligibility

If you complete 20 weeks, you may still be eligible for more benefits. There are four tiers of benefits. Each one pays slightly less than the one before. You will want to call the toll free number or visit the center nearest you when your benefits are expiring and you want to get extended unemployment benefits.

5. Extended unemployment benefits

If you file for extended weekly unemployment eligibility, you can get up to 20 weeks more or 80 percent of your unemployment insurance claim. If you are still eligible for extended unemployment benefits after this, you can get 14 weeks or up to 54 percent of your UI claim. If you are still unemployed, you may get up to 13 weeks or 50 percent of your UI claim. If you are still unemployed, the final extension is six weeks and 24 percent of your UI claim.

6. Extensions

You never know for sure what extensions you are eligible for if you don't ask. Make sure to talk with an unemployment specialist at a regional center to see if you are eligible for extended unemployment benefits.

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