File and Collect Missouri Unemployment

If you have lost your job and want to file unemployment in Missouri, there are several important things you should know. Each state has its own system of unemployment filing. Missouri is covered by federal disaster relief that provides benefits for those affected by flooding or tornado.

How to Collect Unemployment in Missouri

Before you file for unemployment in Missouri, you should determine if you are eligible to collect unemployment benefits from the Missouri unemployment fund. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Be a Missouri state resident.
  • Must have been employed by an employer who paid into the unemployment fund.
  • Be unemployed due to a business closure, industry layoff, or downsizing.

To learn more about how to collect unemployment in Missouri, go to the Missouri Department of Labor website. It can be found at: www.labor.mo.gov

File Unemployment Missouri -- Online, By Phone or In Person

If filing for unemployment in Missouri, you can either file online or in person. There are four regional offices where you can file or get information. Phone numbers and locations include Jefferson City (573-751-9040), Kansas City (816-889-3101), Springfield (417-895-6851) and St. Louis (314-340-4950). To call toll free, the phone number is 1-800-320-2519.

Special Unemployment Filing in Missouri

You may be eligible for federal unemployment help from the Missouri Department of Labor, if you are a former service member or former federal worker. There are federal unemployment laws that can provide financial relief.

You should consider filing unemployment in Missouri, if you have lost your job due to a declared federal disaster such as the recent tornado or flooding. This special filing for unemployment has specific deadlines for each disaster so apply as quickly as you can and consult the Missouri Department of Labor for more information.

Receiving Unemployment Benefits in Missouri

When you file for unemployment in Missouri, you will choose the way you will collect unemployment benefits. Either you receive benefits through direct deposit to your checking account, or you will get benefits through a Missouri Access debit card.

The amount of your benefits is calculated once you have finished filing unemployment. Your benefits will not replace your salary but it will be based on a percentage of your earnings.

Check on Your Unemployment Filing in Missouri

To check on your claim, you can visit www.moclaim.mo.gov. Remember you must check in weekly, even while you are waiting for approval.

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