Apply and Receive Missouri Unemployment Benefits

Missouri administers an unemployment insurance program that follows federal guidelines. Missouri unemployment benefits offer short-term compensation to those people meeting the necessary requirements. The fundamental requirements for qualifying for unemployment benefits are that an individual was employed. Moreover, it must be determined that the individual that is applying for unemployment is unemployed due to no fault of his or her own. In addition, it is necessary to file ongoing claims and comply with all other requirements.

If a Missouri unemployment application is approved, up to 20 weeks of benefits can be expected. To apply for unemployment Missouri has an online system for filing claims. The filing system online can assist with filing an original claim. This system is also useful when an individual is receiving weekly unemployment benefits. There is no charge for using this service. In order to file an accurate claim the following information will be necessary, the names of employers, dates of employment and addresses. This may be easier to do this by collecting any W2s or pay stubs. Additionally, keep any written notifications concerning termination or layoffs.

In general, once an individual files a Missouri unemployment application their unemployment benefits are based on their earnings. Since, Missouri unemployment benefits are taxable income, individuals have the option to have money withheld from their unemployment check. After filing the application for unemployment, receiving weekly unemployment checks can normally take several weeks. Individuals can check with a Missouri unemployment office for further details.

To apply for unemployment or start a new Missouri application for unemployment an individual can contact their Regional Claim Center (see below) or use the Internet Claim Filing System. The Internet system is available around the clock. To access the Internet system visit www.labor.mo.gov. Additionally, the system can handle weekly certifications. The telephone filling system is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time Monday thru Friday, except for holidays. An Interactive Voice Response System will answer your call. There is a menu of options. Just choose an option to begin the process and then follow the systems instructions. In addition, there is an option available to speak to a representative if needed. An On-line Claims Inquiry System makes it convenient for anyone who needs to check the status of a claim.

Regional Claim Centers:

  • Jefferson City ----- 573-751-9040
  • Kansas City ------ 816-889-3101
  • ST. Louis ------ 314-340-4950
  • Springfield ------ 417-895-6851

For complete details, on how to apply for, Missouri unemployment benefits, receiving weekly unemployment benefits or for an application for unemployment benefits can call their Regional Claim Center.  Alternatively, individuals with unemployment related questions could call 1-800-320-2519.

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