Mississippi Weekly Unemployment Application

No matter where you live in Mississippi, you can see people suffering from the poor economy and job loss. If you have lost your job, there is help. You can file a Mississippi unemployment weekly claim for compensation. Once you make your initial weekly claim for unemployment you will need to log into unemployment weekly to maintain your benefits. This is a free service from the state of Mississippi.

Initial Mississippi Weekly Claim for Unemployment

Your first weekly unemployment claim can be made online or by phone in Mississippi. Many unemployed persons find it easiest to go online to http://mdes.ms.gov and file their initial weekly unemployment application. However, you can also begin the process by calling either 888-844-3577 or 601-855-3133. If you are not a Mississippi resident, you must file your weekly unemployment claim online with your own state's labor department.

For your first unemployment weekly claim, you should provide complete information regarding your personal identifying information, your employer’s identifying information and personal salary information. Make sure to include phone numbers for your employment going back eighteen months. The more information that you provide in making your initial weekly unemployment claim, the more quickly you will be approved and begin receiving your weekly unemployment check.

Mississippi Unemployment Weekly Check

Once approved, your benefits will be decided by a formula that looks at your highest quarterly wages. Unemployment weekly benefits range from a low of $30 per week and a high of $235 per week. The length of regular unemployment weekly claims varies according to this formula as well. It is a good idea to ask what the ending date for your benefits is. You will also want to register with the nearest Mississippi WIN Center to fulfill this part of the unemployment weekly requirements.

The Key to Maintaining your Claim Weekly Unemployment

To maintain weekly unemployment compensation, you must register each week with Mississippi unemployment services online (http://mdes.ms.gov). When you register weekly, you will be required to verify:

1. You have actively searched for a job that week.

2. You have not turned down a job that week.

3. You have registered with the closest WIN Center to help with your job search.

You will also be asked to verify any other income

1. You should provide employer and pay information for any part time work that week.

2. You should provide benefit information for any pension or other income.

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