Mississippi Extended Unemployment

Residents of Mississippi know that unemployment in the state is high. As of July, 2011 the state was facing an unemployment rate in excess of 10%. The future of unemployment in the state is not looking particularly bright, leaving many people depending on unemployment insurance to make ends meet. The good news is that the long term unemployed do qualify for the unemployment extensions that are funded by the federal government.

Long term unemployment benefits in the state of Mississippi are the same as they are for the rest of the country. Once the state funded benefits run out after 26 weeks, applicants may qualify for the federal extensions. The first extension grants applicants an additional 20 weeks of benefits. This is followed by the second extension, which is 14 weeks. The third extension will provide 13 weeks while the final extension will provide people with another 6 weeks of benefits.Help Wanted

When the extended unemployment benefits run out, the system will then turn to the Federal-State Extended benefits. These benefits are state funded and provide the unemployed with an additional 20 weeks of benefits.

All unemployed people who have been receiving state benefits are eligible for extended unemployment benefits. The system in the state of Mississippi is designed to automatically apply the extensions when you run out of benefits. However, the system will not kick in and roll over into the federal extensions until all the benefits from the current level are exhausted.

Benefit weeks in Mississippi begin on Sunday and end on Saturday. Any wages earned during the week must be reported on the claim form. Applicants can use the phone system to file their claims by calling 601-321-1835 or 866-946-6487. The maximum weekly benefit amount is $235.

Extended unemployment eligibility is based on an applicant’s current eligibility. They must be available and physically able to work. They must be willing to work and willing to accept full-time employment if it is offered. There cannot be any barriers or conditions that would prevent the applicant from accepting work. Applicants must also be actively seeking work and should keep a record of their weekly job applications.

Unemployed people in Mississippi may earn up to $40 a week without losing any of their benefits. Earnings above this amount will be deducted from their state or federal funded unemployment check. If you have any further questions about unemployment benefits, visit the state website at http://www.mdes.ms.gov/Home/UnemploymentServices/index.html.

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