File and Collect Mississippi Unemployment

Those who live in Mississippi and find themselves unemployed will have difficulty making ends meet. In tough economic times when food and fuel costs are extremely high, unemployed Mississippi residents need assistance. Fortunately, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security has an unemployment assurance program that can help meet this need. To access these funds, persons who are unemployed need to file for unemployment, but first it is important to know how to collect unemployment.

Filing unemployment in Mississippi is not difficult. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security allows applications to be initiated online or by telephone. To file for unemployment, one should visit the Mississippi Department of Employment Security website at http://www.mdes.ms.gov/Home/UnemploymentServices/BenefitEligibilityRequirements.html and follow the links for applying online. If filing a claim by telephone is preferred, an applicant can call 601-855-3133 or 1-888-844-3577. The following information is required for unemployment filing: Social Security number; names, addresses, and telephone numbers for all employers for the last 18 months; dates worked and reasons for leaving each job; and Alien registration number or Visa number for persons who are not citizens of the United States.

Those who file unemployment in Mississippi must prove that they are eligible for benefits. The guidelines for eligibility are as follows: The applicant must be unemployed through no fault of his/her own, be available for full-time work and looking for full time work, initiate a claim for benefits, agree to a one-week waiting period before benefits are received, have enough wage credits and register for work at WIN job center. Failing to meet any of these criteria can result in a claim being denied or benefits being discontinued. Those who are receiving compensation through another program or state, were fired from a job, fail to seek employment, were discharged from a position for misconduct, etc. may be denied benefits.

Once an applicant has been deemed eligible to collect unemployment, he or she must file weekly to obtain benefits. Filing may be done on the telephone or online. Those receiving unemployment should be actively look for work. Additionally, they are required to report any earnings. Fraudulent claims can result in loss of future benefits and legal action. The maximum benefit for those receiving Mississippi unemployment is $235 per week. The amount received is based on the amount of money earned during the first four of the last five calendar quarters prior to applying for benefits.

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