Benefits of Filing For Mississippi Unemployment

With an economy that continues to struggle, it can be difficult to maintain financial and emotional security for you and your family when unemployed. Because the state of Mississippi realizes just how much of a struggle it can be, they created the unemployment compensation system and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security to help you through these tough times. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security can help you to file an unemployment benefits claim and find resources for training and finding jobs. By working with them, the struggle to find a job and end unemployment will be a little bit easier than trying to find a job alone.

One of the major benefits that the Mississippi Department of Employment Security can help you with is for filing and receiving unemployment compensation benefits. A claim for unemployment benefits can be filed by going to the local office for the Department of Employment Security and filing online on their computers or it can be done online from home on the Department's website. If you don't have access to a computer, filing for unemployment can be done on the phone by calling 601-855-3133 or 1-888-844-3577. If you are having difficulty with the filing process, the representatives of the Department of Employment Security can assist you with your filing at their local office.

If you are wondering how to collect benefits after filing for unemployment, the website for the Mississippi Department of Employment Security has some information available on what to expect. Basically, if you have been employed in at least two of the last five calendar quarters and earned over $780.00 in the highest quarter and 40 times your weekly benefit in the last 5 calendar quarters, then you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits. After you go through the process for filing for unemployment, you are eligible to draw unemployment for up to 52 weeks. The range of benefits you can expect from unemployment run from as little as $30 per week to as much as $235 per week.

Once you are approved for unemployment, your check will be mailed to you on a weekly basis. Should you work at all in the course of a week, you are to note this on the form that comes with your check and indicate for which businesses and for how many hours as well as the amount you were paid. If there is a job offered to you and you refuse the job, then your benefits may be cut off entirely for as many as 12 weeks. Once you find full-time work, you need to note your weekly claim form or notify your claims representative.

Now that you understand a little more on how to collect benefits, you may find that the benefits can help you and your family to have a little better peace of mind as you struggle through this challenging time. While unemployment benefits can never replace the amount you were making when working, they can at least provide a steady amount of money during the time you are looking. This benefit alone will assist you greatly as you are searching for a new job.

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