Filing unemployment in Mississippi is not difficult. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security allows applications to be initiated online or by telephone. To file for unemployment, one should visit the Mississippi Department of Employment Security website at http://www.mdes.ms.gov/Home/UnemploymentServices/ and follow the links for applying online.

The following information is required for unemployment filing: Social Security number; names, addresses, and telephone numbers for all employers for the last 18 months; dates worked and reasons for leaving each job; and Alien registration number or Visa number for persons who are not citizens of the United States.

Those who file unemployment in Mississippi must prove that they are eligible for benefits. The guidelines for eligibility are as follows: The applicant must be unemployed through no fault of his/her own, be available for full-time work and looking for full time work, initiate a claim for benefits, agree to a one-week waiting period before benefits are received, have enough wage credits and register for work at WIN job center.

Mississippi Unemployment Insurance Benefits

As if losing a job isn't stressful enough, now you may be faced with financial difficulties in this day and age of an uncertain economy and inflated prices. Fortunately in the US, each state has an unemployment compensation program to take advantage of if qualified. In Mississippi unemployment compensation may be applied for online, in person, or over the telephone.

Benefits of Filing For Mississippi Unemployment

With an economy that continues to struggle, it can be difficult to maintain financial and emotional security for you and your family when unemployed. Because the state of Mississippi realizes just how much of a struggle it can be, they created the unemployment compensation system and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security to help you through these tough times. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security can help you to file an unemployment benefits claim and find resources for training and finding jobs. By working with them, the struggle to find a job and end unemployment will be a little bit easier than trying to find a job alone.

Mississippi Extended Unemployment

Residents of Mississippi know that unemployment in the state is high. As of July, 2011 the state was facing an unemployment rate in excess of 10%. The future of unemployment in the state is not looking particularly bright, leaving many people depending on unemployment insurance to make ends meet. The good news is that the long term unemployed do qualify for the unemployment extensions that are funded by the federal government.

File and Collect Mississippi Unemployment

Those who live in Mississippi and find themselves unemployed will have difficulty making ends meet. In tough economic times when food and fuel costs are extremely high, unemployed Mississippi residents need assistance. Fortunately, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security has an unemployment assurance program that can help meet this need. To access these funds, persons who are unemployed need to file for unemployment, but first it is important to know how to collect unemployment

Mississippi Online Unemployment

Losing a job is always tough, but it is especially tough when the economy is so bad. Those who live in Mississippi are already suffering financially. Fortunately, if you lose a job, it is possible to get Mississippi unemployment benefits by using Mississippi unemployment services online.

Mississippi Weekly Unemployment Application

No matter where you live in Mississippi, you can see people suffering from the poor economy and job loss. If you have lost your job, there is help. You can file a Mississippi unemployment weekly claim for compensation. Once you make your initial weekly claim for unemployment you will need to log into unemployment weekly to maintain your benefits. This is a free service from the state of Mississippi.